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Kidgo Goes to Hollywood - $30*

Kidgo Goes to Hollywood is available on 26 Apr and/or 27 Apr for those aged Reception through Year 5.

*per child, per day ($50 for 2, $60 for 3)

Child Registration Details

Additional children can be added once you press the 'Add to Cart' button at the bottom of the page.
First Name*
Last Name*
Date of Birth*
School Attending*
Year at School*
Sandwich Filling*
Margarine on Sandwich
Special Requirements/Needs
Friend attending Kidgo
Emergency Contact 1 - Name & Phone*
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Child Registration Cost

Day Attending

Electronic Consent Form

Consent 1I am aware of the cost is $30 per child, per day ($50 for 2, $60 for 3).
Consent 2I understand that if I register my child on the day of KIDGO (26/4, 27/4) the cost is $30.
Consent 3I understand that all information contained on this form is confidential.
Consent 4I give permission for such information to be used for statistical, planning and similar purposes.
Consent 5I understand that every caution will be taken to ensure the safety and welfare of my child/ren and release any and all liability in the event of an accident or misfortune, damage or loss that may occur to the child/ren or their property whilst they are attending Kidgo.
Consent 6I give permission to first aid staff to ensure proper treatment for my child/ren and in the case of an emergency, I will pay and/or reimburse Victory Church for all doctor, ambulance and hospital fees incurred on behalf of my child/ren.
Consent 7I understand there may be occasional photos or video taken of my child/ren and I give permission for such images to appear publicly, including via social media.
Consent 8I understand that should I need to pick my child/ren up early from Kidgo, that I must notify Kidgo via email ( ) or telephone (82627733) by 10am on the day of registration, and that such pick-ups can not occur later than 2pm on that day.
Final ConsentClicking on 'I agree' below indicates that: